A post-quarantine session to welcome this sweet girl

It is such an exciting time in life to be expecting your first baby. New parents this year everywhere have had to forgo a lot of the traditions and fun due to the stay at home order. I was able to snap a few maternity images for this sweet couple on their way to be induced to give birth to their beautiful baby girl right as Covid 19 was pausing life as we know it.

She is taking it all in

This is such a neat time with an infant. Gone are the newborn days of endless sleeping and eating, now she is becoming aware of the world around her and taking it all in. In spite of closures and the looming cloud of the pandemic summer has still come. There are still birds in the sky, flowers blooming, and warm summer breezes to enjoy. For little Lena these things are all new and wonderful to experience for the first time.

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought" Wallace Stevens

This evening was also the eve of another first

The next day after these images were taken was her Mama's first day back to work. I remember that day in my own life as if it were seared into my memory. I cried on the way to work and I cried again when someone asked me about being back. It was such a new world to have a tremendous life change of becoming a mother and being responsible for a new human being then returning back to being an employee and trying not to think about your baby all day long (honestly I think a lot of mother's do). We are thinking about our children a great majority of our waking hours. It's really hard to let your heart walk around outside of your body.

"A baby is like the beginning of all things--wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities" Eda LeShan

A little ray of sunshine

It was so nice to meet this sweet baby girl finally. I hope that the images we captured are sweet memories of the unusual time in history that she joined us here. Congratulations again Alivia and Devon!