The importance of outfits

I think I have told you before that in my opinion great images start with your clothing selections. They really lay the frame work for the whole visual and either can add to the feel of the session or can be a big distraction. This family recently used my styling tool to help ensure their choices for outfits were all going to work together and would enhance the look they were planning for their session.

This Mama is so stunning!

Start with Mom

I know as a Mom that when you are planning for your family it is really easy to plan everyone else first and yourself last. When it comes to a photo session I am going to kindly advise you DO NOT DO THAT. Mom is the one who will look at the images and see things she may not feel the best about, so for photo sessions Mom needs to come first and everyone else builds around her. Find an outfit that makes you feel good! Something you can move a little bit in comfortably. Great places to start I would point you to would be Amazon, Free People, Joyfolie, Jen's Pirate Booty, Wren & Ivory, and Baltic Born for beautiful maxi dresses for every season of the year. If you are not a dress person don't feel that you have to wear a dress. You want these images to be authentic to the family that you are, so don't feel that you have to get something you would never wear in life.

Such a sweet image with her Dad <3

Keep it classic for Dad

Men's style for photography sessions would best be kept in classic and simple styles. Again this is a time to not wear outfits that you hate and would never wear in life. Great places for Dad to shop would be Old Navy, Zara, Gap, JCrew, and Target. Best advice I can give for men is to not wear clothing with words on it. The first thing your eye goes to in an image a lot of times is to printed words.

Sweet baby girl <3

Next come the kids

I find dressing kids to be the easiest part when the kids are little. I know if you have teenagers this will be a whole other ball of wax. For the little ones who are infants to toddlers I love Amazon. Lots of cute classic rompers and outfits....I love babies in rompers, you can't go wrong with them really. They make them for boys and girls and they are classic. If you have ever wondered what the head bands are called like this little one has on they are "tie back" style head bands and can be found on Etsy (along with other really cute rompers and outfits for babies) or Amazon. Other places I would recommend for little boys; H&M, Zara, Abercrombie, and Old Navy. For little girls I love dresses from Joyfolie. Literally every dress you see my daughter in pictures wearing is from Joyfolie. Old Navy and Target have some great offerings for girls, also another Great company is called The Simple Folk.

Love the mixture of solids and pattern!

Pulling it all together

It can be challenging to put patterns and colors together. I am offering a styling service now that will help you when you have booked a session to make selections that enhance both and are not a distraction. If you are having trouble please reach out to me. I would love to help so that your outfits help set the stage for images that you will always cherish!